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This is our range of Building Tools:

Building Tools

  • Cowley site level
  • Rubbish chutes per 1m section, Hopper
  • Moisture meter
  • Gin wheel
  • Hand brick saw
  • Bolt croppers
  • Roof tile nibbler
  • Roofers blowlamp triple headed
  • Cable locator
  • Security fencing 3.5m x 2.0m per panel
  • Road barrier per 2m run including posts & feet single board
  • Road barrier per 2m run including posts & feet double board
  • Traffic road cones
  • Road signs
  • Tyrolean rough caster
  • Concrete test cubes
  • Concrete slump cone
  • Shuv holer
  • Pick, rake, prong, shovel, spade, sledge hammer, crowbar, hand rammer, slate ripper, barrow